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EMBRACE JOY: 4 Daily Practices for a Positive Morning Routine

13 Jan 2024

"Create your future based on your energy in the present." - Unknown

Enter the "Vortex" Before Bed:

  • Abraham Hicks introduced the concept of the "vortex," a state of pure positive energy. The idea is simple: falling asleep with joyful thoughts tends to result in waking up with a positive mindset. Test this theory by reflecting on the positive moments of your day as you drift off to sleep. Recall small joys, like a delightful morning latte or a refreshing afternoon run. By consciously focusing on uplifting memories, you're likely to wake up with a happier disposition.

Anticipate a Daily Delight:

  • Ensure each day holds something to look forward to, even during busy times. Plan at least one enjoyable activity for the next day every evening, whether it's baking cookies, a leisurely walk with a friend, or simply wearing your favourite outfit. This simple act of scheduling a source of joy contributes to positive thoughts before bedtime, influencing your morning mood. A positive evening sets the stage for a brighter start to the next day.

Immerse in Uplifting Content:

  • Be mindful of your mental diet, recognizing the impact it has on emotions. In the evening, replace mindless scrolling with uplifting content. Opt for positive news, spiritual insights, or inspirational books. Spend a few minutes each morning and night absorbing content that elevates your mood and reduces stress. This intentional focus on positive information fosters a more optimistic outlook.

Gratitude List with Depth:

  • Enhance your gratitude practice by writing down three to five things you're thankful for in the morning, accompanied by explanations for each. Move beyond superficial lists and delve into the reasons behind your gratitude. Taking a few moments to reflect on the depth of your appreciation creates a more meaningful connection with positivity. Even on hectic days, strive to make this practice a daily ritual for an overall improved mood.

Embrace these daily habits to infuse your mornings with positivity and set the tone for a joyful day ahead.

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