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Reclaiming Your Self Worth

13 Jan 2024

Embarking on the journey to reclaim your self-worth involves delving inward, fostering curiosity, and embracing your authentic self. The subconscious belief that constant action is required to justify existence isn't a conscious choice, making the exploration of your subconscious a potent avenue for reshaping this perception.

A valuable approach involves identifying and befriending those aspects of yourself that drive excessive external focus and action as a means of self-protection. By integrating these components, you can progress towards reclaiming your inherent worth simply for being who you are.

Susan McConnell's book, "Somatic Internal Family Systems Therapy: Awareness, Breath, Resonance, Movement, and Touch in Practice," provides techniques for navigating this transformative journey. Additionally, Dr. Lucia Capacchione's non-dominant handwriting method offers a unique way to access the subconscious and uncover the demands of these inner realms.

Give the non-dominant handwriting exercise a try:

  • Grab a journal and pen, find a quiet space, and take a moment to relax.
  • Recall a recent instance where you observed yourself relying on excessive giving and activity to justify your existence.
  • Note the feelings that surfaced during that experience.
  • Write a letter to the part of yourself that believes it must focus on external actions for safety. Use your dominant hand for rational thoughts and your non-dominant hand for subconscious thoughts. You can even use different color pens for each hand.
  • Begin with a simple greeting using your dominant hand.
  • Allow your non-dominant hand to express itself.
  • Acknowledge and affirm the subconscious part using your dominant hand.
  • Continue the conversation, repeating the process.
  • Conclude with your dominant hand sending a message of understanding and support.

Befriending and integrating these subconscious parts can contribute to a transformative shift from "I am a human doing" to "I am a human being." Recognize that your worth is innate; you have enough simply by being. If this notion seems challenging, engage in the exercise and observe the insights that unfold. Your unique journey towards self-acceptance and self-discovery awaits.

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